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Powershell Execution Policies

January 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Windows Powershell execution polices let you determine the conditions under which Powershell loads configuration files (.ps1xml), module script files (.psm1) and scripts (.ps1).    By defaut Powershell doesn’t permit any of these files as it’s default execution policy is set to Restricted.  The available execution policies are as follows and can be found by running Help About_Execution_Policies Read more…

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Migrate DHCP Server Settings Using Powershell

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

During my preparation to teach the “Updating Your Skills to Server 2008 R2” class, I saw lot’s of potential to use Powershell to automate some of the mundane tasks, such as creating files and assigning permissions (Module 2) or restoring an AD Computer Object (Module 4) to the more advanced such as using the new Server Migration Tools to migrate the DHCP service from DC1 to SVR1 (Module 1). Read more…

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