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Appending a Function to a Powershell Profile

December 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Powershell profiles provide the opportunity to extend custom functionality either via the console or a scripting engine like PowerGui or the ISE.  They are normal PS scripts and end with a .ps1 file extension. Like all PS scripts they can be edited in notepad, ISE, PowerGUI (my favorite) or any other script\text editor. Read more…

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Powershell: Domain Controller Automation

December 28, 2010 19 comments

I’ve recently completed the following Microsoft Test Lab Guides:

The DirectAccess lab required that the Base Configuration be setup first and considering that both labs were time consuming and, at times remedial, I decided to make the process more streamlined and automated by using Powershell to create a script ( for complete automation ) which I could  then convert into a module ( for a more step by step approach ).  I’m still in the begining phase of automating the Base Configuration but I’ve already created a few functions, one of which will turn a standalone server into the first Domain Controller for the Corp.Contoso.Com domain.  Read more…

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