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Penetration Testing with Backtrack – Overview

July 14, 2010 1 comment

I recently signed up for an online hacking class offered by called PWB (Penetration Testing with Backtrack).    The subsequent exam  “Offensive Security Certified Professional” (OSCP), will provide a solid baseline for demonstrating my knowledge on pentesting using BackTrack, which is a popular and free Linux based hacking distro. Below is the a full description of the OSCP certification:

The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is a unique and industry leading IT Security Certification that tests real world skills in the penetration testing field. No multiple choice questions, no theoretical fluff – The student will be expected to dive into an unknown network, craft custom tailored exploits, find security flaws, and exploit weaknesses within the architecture in order to pass the certification process. Students who successfully complete the Offensive Security PWB Penetration Testing Training certification challenge receive the OSCP certification. Penetration Testing with BackTrack simulates a full penetration test from start to finish by injecting the student into a rich, diverse and vulnerable network environment. Pre-Requisites

The online class consists of a series of downloaded videos, lab book, lab guide(PDF), sample Pentest Report and an online lab environment that includes clients and servers divided into 4 networks.   I also opted to download a customized version of Backtrack for VMWare to use during the labs.  I have 30 days to work through the material, document my findings and then 24hrs to complete the certification challenge.   I will post my progress and challenges as I progess through the course.

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