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iPowershell iPhone App

In a previous blog post I created a list of tasks that I intended to convert into a Powershell script. The objective was to have the script perform these tasks with the intention of saving myself, or anyone else, a minimum of ½ hour of manual labor. The term “manual” takes on a new form as it pertains to computers and in this context it means having to perform configurations either from the gui (graphical user interface) or command line without the use of scripts.

During my research I’ve found some very helpful and informative sites which complement the training I’ve recently taken at Global Knowledge called “Automating Windows Server 2008 Administration with Windows Powershell”. Using both of these resources have allowed me to gain a better understanding of Powershell and as an additional means to further my memorization of the commands and their corresponding syntax I’ve created several index cards as a means of porting this new knowledge with me where ever I travel.

In my curiosity I decided to see if there was an iPhone or iPod Touch app created to assist in learning Powershell and as expected one has been created by Sapien Technologies called iPowershell. Even though the app is free I don’t yet have an iphone or ipod touch to test it out but this has presented me with yet one more reason to buy one.


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