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Defending Windows Networks – Day 1

If you’ve read the previous blog article “CISSP Training” posted severals weeks ago or have had any direct communication with yours truly, then you would know I recently took advantage of an “unlimited” training package offered by Global Knowledge. It includes unlimited training (certain classes not optional) within 4 months for one set price. If permitted to take all the classes requested the total value of the package would come close to $30,000, of which i paid a mere $4,400 in comparison. Such an opportunity is rare indeed so I decided to sign up and have not regretted it one bit.

Today I began a week long training session called “Defending Windows Networks”. The instructor, Karl Koeler, has brought an enourmous amount of energy and knowledge to the class and I have enjoyed his instructional style, as well as admire his level of security expertise.  

The following key concepts will be covered during the training:

  • Security: From Concept to Policy
  • Encryption Concepts
  • Evaluating the Threat
  • Target Acquisition
  • Sniffing Around (network monitoring)
  • Comprising Windows Authentication
  • Account Discovery
  • Trojan Horse
  • Defeating and Defending the Firewall
  • Defending Against Other Windows Exploits
  • Wireless Intrusion
  • Using Windows Certificate Services
  • Laptops
  • Leveraging Security Policies

The package includes 3 books:

  • Global Knowledge course content (developed by Karl)
  • Lab Guide
  • Hacking Windows Exposed by Joel Scambray & Stuart McClure (third edition)

I had purchased and read the original “Hacking Exposed” book sometime in 2001 and just remembered an incident in which i made a poor decision in downloading and testing one of the free HTTP vulnerability scanners at my then current position as Helpdesk Analyst at TimeInc.  Let’s just say the incident brought much attention to me and after careful explanation and an overwhelming apology I was lucky to keep my job.  I was also advised to not bring or be seen reading Hacking Exposed on company property.   Of couse I couldn’t help bringing the book as reading material for the train ride in\out of manhattan but it remained safe and sound inside my bag while onsite.

So today’s class covered setting up VirtualPC in order to utilize preconfigured virutal machines as well as the following concepts:

  • Security: From Concept to Policy
  • Encryption Concepts

Completed the following labs:

  • Designing security policy
  • Setting up the lab environment
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