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No Ordinary Moments….

There are times I forget that this blog, although dedicated almost solely to my vigorous and insatiable appetite for technology, is also a tool I should use to divuldge such insights I think need spoken of. Life has a way of expressing itself in all avenues of human spirit. Colors and form reflect that of the painter, Shape and stone to the sculptor….could it not be that my words, seen through internet eyes as just another fellow “Anonymous” contributor, might be able to change the world one bit or byte at a time. Would seem pompous of me to think such truth and so I merely hope my words fall on open ears and hearts, for technology, at the end of the day, does nothing to feed our soul. We have but a short time in this life to express who we are and I think the world deserves to hear our vision, and not just my voice but yours as well…So what are you waiting for…go get your own blog and get your speak on…Lol…..

So today I read the following saying:

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away”

Is there anyone who can argue with that? Is there no truth in mans ability to live the days..But not the day…Finding peace in the ordinary and routine…neglecting their own convictions….only to realize, at the end of days, that there are no ordinary moments in life, even though it may seem otherwise at the time…

I recently took my son to the park and was relieved to see some middle to senior aged individuals practicing Tai Chi, in open view, and open to anyone wishing to join. Those daring among them did join, even though the man teaching was an elderly man of Chinese decent who taught in Chinese…not English. I don’t believe I heard him say one word in English. There were actually a few others in his group with the same background. How many people would feel comfortable in joining such an activity? Even I would feel a bit “uncomfortable” is such a situation, knowing the emotion is merely superficial at most…Letting the moment take our breath away and ignoring all critique, is a sure sign of an elevated spirit. A higher conscious even, without the pomp and circumstance.

Another image comes to mind. Several years ago as I headed into a big corporate building in midtown Manhattan, I noticed a young man moving his hands in such a way that I could only describe as “wing chung”, which is close contact martial arts style. It is best defined by its close contact and circular motions for the purpose of redirecting an attacker’s force and simultaneously attaching. Now, I didn’t find him actually practicing the technique to be unordinary, just his choice of location. He did it in plain sight while waiting for the elevator, in a lobby of corporate America. Surely he has a much deeper appreciation for living the moment.

There are many things that make us who we are. Nature is forever married to Nuture and they together define who we are at this very moment in time. Body and mind are intertwined with one having equal influence over the other. When they are developed together they naturally complement each other. Freeing the heart to express itself, the eyes to see in new light and to allow the moment to simply take our breath away.

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