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CISSP Training

I recently attended training for the CISSP exam at Global Knowledge located at the tip of Manhattan. The course was taught by Michael Greggs, author of several Exam Cram study guides and CEO of www.thesolutionsfirm.com. He specializes in security auditing, training and penetration testing. It was a pleasure having been able to take the class with someone of such refined security expertise.

There are many security certifications available in the market today and the CISSP has become known as an industry standard for security administrators who seek to understand the whole picture when it comes to implementing best security practices. The class was given in lecture format and focused on the terms and concepts required to needed for the exam. Although there were no hands on exercises, the high level of technical expertise available in the class made for interesting conversation when it came to questions and discussions.

Although I have no intension of taking the CISSP exam, which consists of 250 Q’s with a 6hr limit, the knowledge gained during that week will be applied to the CEH exam, which I hope to take in the not too distant future. It’s a more hands on, real world hacking exam that focuses on using the tools and doing the hack. The CISSP consists of 250 questions with a 6 hour limit and focuses on 10 security domains.

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