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VMWare Workstation Files

I’ve been working with Microsoft’s VirtualPC 7.0 for the last several years but have recently started to use VMWare Workstation 6.0 Ace Edition. The reason for the switch is that VMWare Workstation offers more advanced configuration options and is currently the leader in the world of virtualization products. Since both VirtualPC and VMWare use different files to store their key configurations, I’ve created a comparison list to help bridge the gap between them.

VMWare Workstation


File Extension


File Extension



Primary configuration file


Primary configuration file


Virtual Hard Disk


Virtual Hard Disk


Paging file


Virtual HD saved state data


Suspended state file


Saved State data


Log of key activity


Stores VM’s BIOS


Centralized file for metadata and snapshots


Stores running state of snapshot


Contains team data


Supplemental configurations for VM’s that are in a team



As you can see Workstation has more than double the configuration files then VirtualPC and due to the more advanced configuration options requires a bit more time getting used to but is well worth the effort.

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