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Vista’s Default Running Services

Anyone familiar with troubleshooting performance or security  issues on Vista\XP\2000 would, at some point in time, had to have either killed a running process or started\stopped a service.  Any running process has a cooresponding service that has been started.  Some processes. like svchost.exe can actually be responsible for running several different services and have multiple instances of themselves running simultaneously.  i just checked a recenlty installed version of Vista Enterprise and it has 11 svchost.exe processes running.

Services are available using the following methods:

  • Start – Run – Services.msc or
  • Start – All Programs – Administrative Tools   

Services can have be configured for the following startup types:

  • Automatic
  • Manual
  • Disabled

Currently running processes are viewable using the following methods:

  • Ctl + Alt + Del – Task Manager – Processes Tab
  • Start – Run – taskmgr
  • CMD – tasklist (use tasklist /SVC for more information regarding specific processes)
  • Hijackthis (free third party tool available for download)

All ruuning services and processes are possible access points into you machine and many times viruses\malware\spyware will be viewable as a process and theresofe the processes tab is usually the first place I check to begin any troubleshooting regarding infections or performance issues.   Some services you needed and others are not.  It all depends upon the functionality that is required of a particular machine, such as access to the network or internet.    I was going to come up with a list of default servics\processes for Vista but after doing some research found a site that already did a great job of listing them and provided some additional information that was beyond what i had originally intended to document.

The list was created by BlackViper and is available here:  http://www.blackviper.com/WinVista/servicecfg.htm.  The BlackViper site has been around for sometime now has come up often in the past when doing internet research for issues with Vista\XP.  His list is concise and contains info for all default services running on the following versions of Vista:

  • Home Basic (139)
  • Home Premium (145)
  • Business (147)
  • Ultimate (153)

He also includes the following list of suggested services that you might consider disabling:

  • Safe (18 services disabled)
  • Tweaked (52 services disabled)
  • Barebones (76 services disabled) – No Network Connectivity – Most secure

The site also has some Service Registry File downloads that will either start\stop services depending on the option you decide, not to mention his Custom Registry File Tool.   The site is worth some reading and if you want to gain a better understading into

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