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Every once in a while I browse through my small, yet life appropriate books for inspiration.  I say life appropriate because they all revolve around self enlightenment.  I am by no means a sage or aspiring budda, only a man who seeks to better understand the world around him.  It’s amazing how much of the world and your environment you are trully unaware of.  Possibly because you have not experienced a situation, whether by choice or circumstance,  or perhaps your focus was so intense you became unaware of the immediate world around you, eitherway you were standing too close to the painting to truly admire the art.  We have all been there.  Moments of  “Oh Right”…”Thats What You Mean” or …”Now I Finally Understand”.  Much can be said of factual knowledge but nothing is more important in bringing clarity to a situation then to truly experience the moment. 

That being said I would like to pass on some principles laid out by Dale Carnegie in “How To Make Friends And Influence People”.   The first chapter is called “Fundamental Techniques in Handling People”.  In it he lays out the 3 principles below:

  1. Don’t criticize, condemn or complain
  2. Give honest and sincere appreciation
  3. Arouse in the other person an eager want

Apparently simple steps to follow but how many of us take the time to truly analyze a situation and apply these principles?  It takes practice and only through constant reflection and forward thinking will you ever be able to utilize these ideals and learn to benefit from your current situation.  No where does he profess using, abusing or taking advantage of others.  His principles reflect an ideology that believes in treating others with respect and kindness with the ultimate goal of laying the groundwork to successully obtain your objectives.  Anger and criticism are the least useful tools in any situation and should be limited in there use….well…until the situation dictates otherwise.  It could be said that some people only understand agression but I disagree.  Everyone wants to feel special apprceciated and when made to feel so will almost always seek to reward others with small, yet kind gestures.  In the end “anger instigates anger”.  Once a person becomes defensive there is no more forward progress and any attemts at such will be met with disdain.  I’ve learned that no one wins an arguement and most of the time both parties walk away wounded. 

Love is what makes the world go round…Ever chasing it’s sibling hate…

Healing wounds and spreading joy abound….Of such a thing I wish my fate…

Hardened resolve met with gentle hands….Making of the world a better place…

Earth and fire..Rock and sand…Moving forward eternally at it’s own pace…..

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