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Personal Leadership

I was flipping through “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey today and came across a saying I thought was profound.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us

Are tiny matters

Compared to what lies within us”

By Oliver Wendell Holmes

There is no better place to look for strength then within your own person.  He who has a why will make do with almost any how.  The difference between leaders and followers is that of action.   Leaders forge ahead and overcome adversity using compromise as an effective tool to build relationships.  Followers have no such vision, and if so lack the dexterity to act upon it.  The words…”I can’t” aren’t in a leaders vocabulary.  Often the words “I Can” will entail looking for solutions where none were thought to exist. 

A good way to begin to make the most of your life is to develop a personal mission statement.  Use it to clearly define your values and principles.  Make it your daily “10 Commandments”.   Believe in them…Pursue them..Honor them…Make the ideas exist in this moment through decisive action.   Define all that is important in your world..Family, Friends, Work, Play..

I learned to do something similiar while reading “101 Interview Questions”.   In order to prepare for an interview you need to answer such questions as “How would your best friend describe you?” or “What flaws would your best friend say are most noticable about you?”.  These are hard questions to answer and require deep reflection.   Once a flaw is recognized it is almost impossible to ignore.  Ignorance is truly bliss…

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