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Besides studying for the CCNA exam I’ve decided to study for the Security Certified Network Specialist exam offered by Security Certified Professional.   The exam SC0-541 is titled “Tactical Perimeter Defense” and covers the following 7 Domains:

Examination Domain
Percentage of Exam
1.0 – Network Defense Fundamentals
2.0 – Hardening Routers and Access Control Lists
3.0 – Implementing IPSec and
Virtual Private Networks

4.0 – Advanced TCP/IP
5.0 – Securing Wireless Networks
6.0 – Designing and Configuring Intrusion Detection Systems
7.0 – Designing and Configuring Firewall Systems

If you decided to click on the previous link you would now be viewing a course outline for the 541 exam.  It consists of the following 9 lessons:

  1. Network Defense Fundamentals
  2. Advanced TCP\IP
  3. Routers and Access control Lists
  4. Designing Firewall
  5. Configuring Firewalls
  6. Implementing IPSec and VPN’s
  7. Designing an Intrusion Detection System
  8. Configuring an IDS
  9. Securing Wireless Networks

Lesson 4 & 5 will be my focus for now.  I do work with personal firewalls like Zone Alarm but designed for the home user and don’t provide the level of protection and complexity a corporation firewall  would require.  IPTables is something I’ve only read about and have never had the chance to configure and being that it’s platform is Linux I am even more of a disadvantage.  But never to be detered I have just installed Ubuntu, a very popular version of Linux, and will configure its IPTables firewall. 

The exam material is quite difficult and after an initial review of questions downloaded from testkingcert.com I realized I would need to really apply myself to pass this exam.  Who am i kidding, the CCNA exam is just as hard.   I will be using the downloaded questions from testkingcert.com as my reference point and am currently working on categorizing the questions based on thier domain topic.  Once done, I will be able to study each domain in greater depth.  As with every question,  it’s off to the great Google machine for answers.

One of the very first questions was related to Iptables.  I am familiar with Cisco’s ACL’s and IPSec filters so with that in hand I’m sure to get a grasp on Iptables

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