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My name is Joe Keohan. I have been been working in Information Technology for the last 10 yrs. My career truly began with my first computer class at Computer Career Center and hasn’t stopped since. My very first job was a tutor at CCC and soon after landed a job as a Service Desk Analyst, then moved onto Desktop Support and am currently an IT Instructor for Ace Computer Training Center located in Forest Hills, Queens teaching the MCSE, Network+ and A+ curriculums all based on the Sybex text books. I currently hold an MCSE 2000(Security), MCSE 2003(Security), Network+, Security+, A+, and Linux. Currently I’m studying for the CCNA and CTT+ exams. I’m a firm believer in certifications but would always hire the person with more experience because that’s what really counts in reality. Certifications are a solid way to demonstrate your understanding of the material at hand but in no way replaces experience with using the product.

Although I like almost anything computer related, I always focus my attention on information security. From firewalls & ACL’s to GPO’s & Critical Updates, in every class, no matter what the topic, security related issues will one way or another be discussed. It never ceases to amaze me just how interested people become when they think their safety, real or imagened, is at risk. The Internet has become the core medium for the transfer of information and is always being reinvented to handle this constant stream of data. Security, all the while, putting our minds at ease believing our secrets will remain confidential.

Besides computing, I enjoy several outdoor activities such as surfing, skydiving, biking, hiking or going for long walks with my wife and son, Najda and Sevan. Anyone who truly knows me would say I’d be the first one to join them in doing any activity that involved adventure or thrills. My philosophy is that life is meant to be lived. You have one shot in this world so make the best of it. Don’t live someone else’s life, live your own. In the end you can blame no one but yourself for opportunities lost. Sometimes there is need to negotiate, other times making a stand is the only recourse, but either way you do what needs to be done to live life on your terms, with the one true constant…..always love those around you. You should never get your way at the expense of the ones you love and even though in the end your wants will always come first. Even the act of a martyr, represents someone’s wants and desires. In any instance we do what we want for our own benefit. One of my favorite quotes was by the German philosopher Franz Nietzsche: “He, who has a why, will make do with almost any how”. I believe he means given a purpose any man or women will find a way to overcome adversity and bring to fruition their dreams. Anyway, your life is your own….by all means enjoy it.


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E-mail: joeroc@hotmail

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